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Exceptional Quality


D&C is our symbol which means Door & Cabinet in short.


At D&C, we take great pride in our quality and workmanship. The ability to delivered outstanding results to  customers  is our upmost  prority.


Our finest touch up and painting work for Condominium and Commercial Project is not our only main primary activity.  We also do carpentry and fabrication work for Condos, HDB and Private Landed Property as well. 

Our Built in Products For Residential & Commercial

* Bedroom Wardrobe

* Quartz Table Top for Kitchen Cabinet 

* Display Cabinets / TV Console

* Storage Room Cupboard and Hanging Rack

* Bathroom Vanity with Quartz or Hanex Tap To

* Refurbished for Doors and Cabinet

Whether it's a  minor renovation or repair work, you can always count on us. Your enquiry are most welcome. Feel free to contact us at 91390698 or email us at for some useful tips.

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